February 21, 2009

Sean Hannity Froths at the Mouth

From the Huffington Post:
Sean Hannity's Ridiculous War Against Socialism -- Bob Cesca

Sean Hannity ought to heroically command his viewers in these states to not accept those jobs. They're socialist jobs, after all.

While he's at it, Hannity might as well refuse delivery on the president's new socialized home rescue plan as well. I wonder how many McCain-Palin voters who ripped into Barack Obama for "redistributing the wealth" will actually participate in the program.

Funny what happens to ridiculous Neo-McCarthyite sloganeering when the shit really hits the fan.
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I hear lots of folks suggesting that the representatives and governors turn down the money. It all sounds so satisfying -- let their states go down the crapper, right?

Of course, it wouldn't work out that way.
First of all, no way will the lawmakers not take the money.
And, second, our states aren't independent of each other. If Michigan goes down-- so does California --since both are so dependent on cars. If North Carolina goes down-- what will Florida do? Lots of N. Carolinians love to go to Disney World and Epcot Center. If Kansas goes down-- what will Colorado do? Many, many Kansans vacation in the Rockies, seeing as how it's less than one day's travel.

So, I guess we can be grateful that our lawmakers are such hypocrites, after all.
I cringe to think what would happen to Florida if Jeb Bush was still our governor. He just might try to set himself up for a presidential bid by betraying us. Fortunately, Crist has already gone on record. He wants the money-- no matter what Martinez says.


libhom said...

Hannity ridiculous??? I'm shocked. I'm just shocked.

two crows said...

hi libhom--
amazing isn't it? who woulda thunk?

Ramona's Voices said...

It's as if those creatures who have been so desperately hurt by decades of Big Business excesses aren't even human. They're human, all right, and they live in every state. I don't care what Hannity thinks, or any of those other crackpots. I want to hear from the people in those states where their governors have taken the low road and threatened to cut them off from needed funding simply because they're pissed.
Too bad. Get over it. We have a country to save--and that means real people.

two crows said...

hi, Ramona--
somehow, I don't think the real people enter into the equation until voting day comes.

and, I just keep believing that the NEXT voting day will be a day of reckoning if the rethugs keep carrying that chip on their shoulders.

an average patriot said...

Hannity is an asshole. Right there beside Coulter Limpburger! Jindal and a few others have openly said they will turn it down. I hop they do as that will really endear them the more this suffering that is just beginning ramps up!

two crows said...

hi, Jim--
oh, yeah, Hannity is a clown.

but, if the governors turn down the money it will prolong the suffering so badly, I can't wish that on anyone -- even if they voted for people who've been Obama-bashing since November.