February 13, 2009

The Frantic Voices

From the Huffington Post:
President Obama Is Driving Republicans Insane -- by Bob Cesca

By . . . merely presenting a contrast of character, President Obama is making the Republican A-listers appear small, petty and absolutely befuddled.

[I]f the Republicans are at all interested in continued survival, someone they respect should probably smack their hands and scold: Drop that filthy Limbaugh quote! You don't know where it's been!

But if this is their "voice" and they're satisfied with it, I for one welcome the new Republican "voice" and wish them a hearty and very sincere: Good luck with that.
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Bob makes very good points. Still, I get a little nervous.
In my mind's eye, I see a little girl all dressed in white-- and the neighborhood bullies are throwing mud at her. No matter how much Scotchguard her mom laundered into her dress, won't some of the mud eventually stick? The little girl didn't get her dress dirty. But, she'll be muddy, just the same.


Ramona's Voices said...

Loved that column! I've had at least three people send it to me now. Didn't he just nail them? Funny how our voices are suddenly being heard, when for eight years we might as well have been talking to the moon.
I loved this part:

"They're screaming about fear-mongering, even though we had eight years of this.

They're screaming about fiscal responsibility, even though we had eight years of this.

They're screaming about free speech, even though we had eight years of this and this and this.

They're honest to God screaming about fascism, even though we had eight years of this and this and this.

Yes, the Republicans have claimed to have 'found their voice.' If this is true, then their 'voice' sounds exactly like Rush Limbaugh, Matt Drudge and Michelle Malkin, depending on the day."

I love those days when the Voices of Reason can also make me laugh.

two crows said...

hi, Ramona--
yep. he nailed em, all right. I loved the column, too. =)

and, it made me think about Gregg's shennanigans this week, too.
he may well have pulled out when he realized he wasn't going to have a free reign with the census.
remember back in the 90's when the Rethugs redrew the map of Texas in order to favor their own party?
maybe he wanted to do that with the entire country?

some years ago, Gregg tried to remove the census from the Economics Dept. and give it to Congress. since that didn't work, mebbe he tried to head up the department himself -- till Obama landed the bombshell that the West Wing was going to get the census.

I wonder. . . .

an average patriot said...

Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter and the likes will bring down the Republican party for good and out their true Fascist agenda.
My concern is their BS along with all the mouthy counter success Democrats, will bring down Obama thus America and the world. This is a very critical time. We are at the crossroads of our future and these asses just keep playing childish games!

Ramona's Voices said...

I never could figure out why Obama wanted Gregg anyway. He seemed like the last choice for Commerce Secretary by a president who promises to bring this country back to the people. Nothing in Gregg's resume suggested he would have any intention of keeping us out of the hands of the greedy rich.
Very strange choice.

Yes, I remember that insane redistricting. When--what was it--their house? Senate? Both? fled to Oklahoma to keep from voting? It didn't work, as I recall.
Bart Stupak is the rep from my part of Michigan and he's a fine embodiment of a dedicated politician. They've tried redistricting many times in order to get rid of him, but apparently even the Republicans vote for him because he's still there, going strong!



two crows said...

hi Jim--
yeah, I hope they don't bring down the world while they're at it.

the Rethuglican party SHOULD be outed by now. how they keep getting any votes at all is beyond me.
though I never did agree with its philosophy, it did, at least, deserve a place at the table until the early 90's. since then, it has gone down in flames.

two crows said...

hi Ramona--
yes, I thought Obama was taking bipartisanship way too far, myself.

maybe now that Gregg turned on him the way he did, he'll look to the Dems for the rest of his cabinet. he can tell the rethugs that he gave it his best shot.

now, let em sit down and shut up.