January 14, 2008

Please Demand That Kucnich Be Allowed to Debate!

Rep. Dennis Kucinich won't be involved in MSNBC's debate in Las Vegas tomorrow. It's not the first time Kucinich has been excluded from a debate. But this time, Kucinich was initially invited, and had met the criteria for the debate. Then, MSNBC changed the rules and told Kucinich he was uninvited.

I went to the MSNBC website and hunted for a 'contact us' link. Didn't find one. Then, I found a link that invited us to submit questions for the debate. I logged onto it and left this question for MSNBC itself.
This is not a debate question but a question for MSNBC:
WHY did you uninvite Kucinich from your lineup?
Why do YOU get to choose what the American people see at our national debates?

I, for one, will boycott NBC and MSNBC and their affiliates until you allow us to see ALL available candidates so we can make educated choices. Furthermore, I will urge everyone I know to do the same. Perhaps, if we refuse to watch your networks and read your magazines, etc., you will finally begin to listen to us.
We don't want Brittney. We are asking to hear all our candidates for the Presidency speak on the issues. This is not too much to ask in an ostensible democratic republic.
Please go over there and leave a question of your own telling them we do not wish to be spoon-fed what the MSM want us to receive. Tell them we deserve and DEMAND to see all candidates who meet the criteria to be included in the debates and we will boycott them unless and until they include all eligible candidates.
I just read a news article from the AP that stated that District Court Judge Charles Thompson ruled that Kucinich must be included in the debate. MSNBC is appealing the ruling and there is talk of canceling the debate if MSNBC is forced to include him.

Sounds like a tantrum to me: 'If I can't have my way, I'll take my marbles and go home.'
Does THAT sound familiar? Has MSNBC been taking lessons from the Master?


Miss Welby said...

hi!, I'm linking the finest American liberal women bloggers like you because in Europe we watch closely this important presidential election. visit me and see if you want to reciprocate the link. ciao!

two crows said...

hi, miss welby and welcome to PP&D--
thanx for the invitation and I linked with your blog although many of my readers won't be able to read your blog. still -- some might -- and I want to make it available for those folks.

Miss Welby said...

it's ok, my Florida nice lady.

currently 13% (roughly one post out of 7) of my blog is in English and anybody can retrieve the posts in English by simply clicking the appropriate links.

speaking of which, thank you for linking me back and a big hug from Europe

two crows said...

thanx for that info, MW--
I hadn't figured that out [about how to get your posts in English].
I'm not as puter savvy as I'd like to believe I am. :)

Miss Welby said...

you are welcome. regarding the YouTube clip "Americans are NOT stupid", I replied to your observation in my post:

come on, Two Crows, it's just a funny video to have a laugh. anyway, in order to be balanced and PC and not to offend anyone (or maybe offend more!) I've edited the post by adding another similar clip about Britons' stupidity. watch it: it starts with the line:

"Just because some people don't know the answer of a few questions doesn't make a whole nation stupid"

and I agree, so WE agree, that's what I think. I am Italian and I assure you I know many many many stupid Italian people. many, a lot of, tons and tons... :(

Tom said...

see video: Boycott the MSNBC Democratic Debate On Tuesday because Kucinich and Gravel Are Being Excluded (send video to everyone you can)

AlienShack.com said...
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two crows said...

thanks miss welby--
oh, I know-- I'm just a little sensitive these days when we've got SO MUCH dirty linen hanging out there for all the world to see.
I'm thoroughly embarrassed for my country, that's all.

two crows said...

hi, Tom--
I kinda hated to do it, but I did boycott the debate. but, it was just going to be more of the same ol' same ol' it seemed to me if they were only going to let the top 3 talk. I've heard plenty from those folks -- as well as havng heard so much _about_ them. I was really looking forward to hearing Kucinich.

Now comes the harder part. I'll be boycotting NBC and MSNBC and all affiliates till after the election. I expect it to be just as effective as my boycott of Walmart has been over the years. Surely you see how I've driven that company to it's _knees_!

Mary Ellen said...

two crows- I didn't boycott the debate for only one reason, I'm frantically trying to decided who to vote for in the Primary and the only way I'm going to be able to tell is by watching as many debates as I can and trying to pick up some of their town hall meetings on C-Span. I think it's unfair for Kucinich to be knocked out of the debates and never being asked to be interviewed on any of the big shows. I have no idea what it is about that guy, but they sure seem to hate him. I do get to hear from him on the Ed Schultz show on Air America. He calls in and does interviews all the time.

FranIAm said...

I know it is over but I had to say that I think you did a great post.

It is tragic that this occurred. The media is basically creating our candidates for us.

These are sad times indeed.

Mary Ellen said...

two crows- just stopped by and hoping you're enjoying some sunshine. We've got snow today. Yuck.