March 4, 2009

Why Did It Take Me So Long?

I'm hearing a Rethuglican talking head diss Obama and it just hit me:
The Republican party is an oxymoron -- emphasis on the last 5 letters of that word.
These people believe the best government is no government.
So, why are these people in Congress? Aren't they doing a disservice to the people by simply being in Washington? In fact, from here, it looks like they're hypocrites before they even open their mouths.


an average patriot said...

They are major hypocrites in every regard as they created all our friggen problems.
After 9/11 many started turning to Fox for their news to follow events but many of us found them to be right wing mouthpieces and war mongers. Many never learned.

The right predictably only got much worse at they try to make Obama fail.
I find myself discussing Limbaugh lately because he is rallying the Fascist segment of the party though of course he denies it.

He is getting bad! He even went after Steele who within hours called him and apologized. The more desperate they get the worse it will get!

They will not relent and will do everything to make Obama a one termer so they can get back in and finish us and their Fascist agenda off. We are screwed if they succeed!

two crows said...

hi, Jim--
the talking heads say Obama's WH is loving Rush's diatribe. He's just taking the focus off the budget fight and increasing the chance that Obama will win.

and, good for him.

my only concern at the moment is Rush's recent challenge of Obama to a debate. That COULD end up as a lose/lose situation for O.
If he refuses, Rush calls him a wimp -- riding that horse off in all directions as he tends to do.
And, of course, Obama CAN'T agree-- it's not in his job description to debate talk-show clowns.
If he did [which he won't, of course] he would be seen as a clown, himself.

I trust Obama, though, to find a way out of the trap Rush is trying to set. And, if there is a God, O will leave R with a lot of egg on his face in such a way that O receives the sympathy from the world and R is seen as a bully.

if this were a just world, Rush would slink off into the sunset and we'd never hear his vitriol again.

an average patriot said...

Limbaugh is an ass! He wants to return to Bush's policies of destruction.
It was a pleasure today watching the cooperation in the W H today for Obama's health care reform. Everyone was volunteering to help and Obama was looking for ideas.
It is a pleasure to watch him in action and today Michelle was handing out food at a kitchen. This is really great, people we can believe in and be proud of. They are leading instead of needing to be led!
Debating the brainless Limbaugh is way beneath Obama, he won't!

two crows said...

hi again, Jim--
yes, it is SO refreshing to have a first family we can be proud of.

I was sorry, though, to see Obama even acknowledge Rush's challenge. he should just ignore him, imo.

an average patriot said...

I missed it if Obama acknowledged him because he should ignore the idiot and leave attacking him and belittling him up to someone else!

two crows said...

yeah, Jim--
Obama apparently responded saying something to the effect that he would not be available.

I was screaming at the tv: DON'T GIVE HIM ANY RESPONSE! DON'T DO IT!
**sigh** nobody listens to me.