March 3, 2009

Heard on MSNBC:

"Joe the Plumber" is talking about a run for Congress.


Considering the ways I've seen some people vote, he could-- ya know --win. And then where would we be?

It's official. This country has gone straight through the looking glass.
And, another bit:
Steele went running to Rush to do his mea-culpa.
So, for all his denials, WHO is it who really runs the Republican Party?

**deep sigh** Maybe the country will be all right after all. Rush will keep them out of the White House and should help them decrease their numbers in the other two houses, as well.

We may just be saved by the skin of our teeth, here.


Ramona's Voices said...

Funny you should say "through the looking glass". I just wrote about CPAC and thought I saw the Cheshire Cat. . .

I also included a video of Joe's speech at CPAC. And you think that's not presidential material??


two crows said...

hi, Ramona--
I nipped over and checked out your entry.
great minds DO think alike, huh?

Joe's speech took my breath away -- or maybe that was because I was holding my nose. . . .

Ramona's Voices said...

"Joe's speech took my breath away -- or maybe that was because I was holding my nose. . . ."

LOL! I couldn't listen to Coulter or Limbaugh, so I guess Joe was an improvement. How pathetic!

two crows said...

you're right, Ramona--
"Joe" _is_ easier to listen to that the vitriol twins.
now, THAT'S disgusting!

oh, well, I just keep telling myself that the more they spout their poison, the longer they'll be wandering in the desert. and good for them.

it's really hard to believe that I'm pining for the good-old-days when the worst we had to deal with on the right were Dole and Goldwater.
Newt and Reagan have a lot to be proud of, don't they?