March 1, 2009

Giving Rove a Forum???

This morning on This Week with George Stephanopoulos, I was appalled to see Karl Rove sitting there, being listened to with what looked like respect by George and the other members of his round table.
I immediately went to and, after considerable hunting around, figured out how to email them my outrage. I informed them that I will boycott their network hereafter and urge everyone I know to do so, as well.

If you agree that a man who refuses to testify before Congress has lost his right to pontificate on his views to those of us who do things like-- you know --obey the law, I'm asking you to register your feelings with ABC. And, if you're interested, please join my boycott of all things ABC.
OK, I know that may be a bit much for some folks. In that case, may I suggest Boycott Lite:
If you want to watch something on ABC, how about recording the program and watching it later--and zipping through all commercials?
Another possibility [and one I plan to follow up on] is to contact all of This Week's sponsors and tell them I will boycott them as long as they sponsor Stephanopoulos' program. Since most of them are, most likely, headed up by Republicans, I don't expect anything to happen unless a major boycott occurs. I'm not holding my breath waiting for that to happen.
Still, I can't just sit here and watch this travesty happen.

Here's the url for the email site where you can voice your views on this matter.
I'm not positive the link will work-- you may have to register with their site in order to use it.


Ramona's Voices said...

Do you still have the link? IT might be good to post it here. In fact, I'm going to try to find the links to all the media feedback addresses. Someone posted a list like that on a forum a while back and I thought I had saved it, but of course I can't find it.

I want to write CNN too for airing so much of the CPAC shenanigans. C-Span was so full of Right Wingers and Republicans today, including film of CPAC, I thought I was watching Fox News.


an average patriot said...

Stefanopolous has been a great disappointment of late. There is no way in hell Rove deserves any forum other than in a prison yard. George out of principal should have refuse to do it. Hands down that is the least I would have done if not speak my mind first!

two crows said...

good idea.
I went to the site and am having difficulty tracking down the page I found this morning.

THIS caught my eye, though.
Apparently, I'm not the only one who let them know how offended I was:
"My wife and I have watched George S. on Sunday morning for at least the past three years. We respect George Will's opinions and look for his balance on the Roundtable. If we see Karl Rove on the Roundtable again, you can count two less viewers."
---"This Week" viewers David and Jeanna Cesaratto write in an email to ABC News on former President Bush's political strategist Karl Rove joining the "This Week" Roundtable on Sunday.
it's nice to see even people who like Will [which I don't] coming out foursquare against Rove.

I'm continuing to look for their contact page and I'll add the url to the post.

Thanx for the suggestion.

two crows said...

hi, Jim--
I don't know what possessed George or ABC's producers generally to bring a felon on their show to spew his bile.
Would they give a forum to a bank robber or a child molester?

two crows said...

hi again, Ramona--
I found the url and linked it.
I'm not certain it will work, though, as you may have to be registered in order to email them. **sigh**

two crows said...

one more, Ramona--
I watched a good bit of CPAC as well, this week.
To be honest, I almost enjoyed it.
THIS is the best the GOP has to offer, these days? If this keeps up we can expect them to remain in the wilderness for a good, long time. :)