March 12, 2009

The Drivel-Heads Just Keep Talking

I'm so sick of all the talking-heads that spout only drivel, second-guessers, back-seat-drivers, know-nothings and do-nothings that I could vomit.

At the same time that they're telling Obama that he's not doing enough: that he should have solved the economic crisis by now— you know, the one that took at least all the years since Reagan took office to create —they're telling him that he's doing too much. Somehow, they've managed to convince themselves he can do both simultaneously.
And they accuse us of calling him Superman.

What they're actually saying is that they don't want to save the environment and create sustainable energy sources. They don't want the rest of us to have affordable health care. They don't want to care for our veterans. They don't want to allow the children of us peons to receive an education. And they absolutely refuse to see how all these matters are related to each other and the economy.

What they do want is a return to the early twentieth century when the workers had to live in company housing, shop at the company store and there were no workplace safeguards.
Or, better still, they'd like to return to Medieval Times.

And now a bunch of DINO's are switching over to the Rethuglican side and yelling, "Whoa! Put the brakes on! Don't spend any money! Do what Hoover did!"
The truth is, without exception, they hate FDR and they see us headed toward a new New Deal— one that's something like the old one they've been trying to dismantle for the last 70 years.

The Rethugs may be irrelevant and to have run out of ideas. But I can say one thing for them: at least they stood together— even if it was for all the wrong things.
Keeping Democrats together is a lost cause— it's herding cats.


an average patriot said...

The hell with them! They are going to criticize everything he does right or wrong. They will also blame everything they did on him.
Bush and them created so much crisis Obama has to try and do it all at once. But they find fault with that too.
They are hoping he fails but supposedly not America. WTF? They are one and the same I am sick of their lying destructive idiocy!

two crows said...

yeah Jim--
a few things the rethugs and the DINO's who denounced all those earmarks failed to note:
1]this was another of those things Obama inherited. it was created during Bush's tenure.
2]they had [before Obama was inaugurated] LOADED the bill with their own earmarks.
3]if this bill hadn't passed, government would have ground to a halt. it's a behemoth that would cost huge amounts of money to shut down -- and much, much more to restart. WHAT a good plan that would be!

and, further, McSame denounced the 'honeybee ranch'. this is a research facility trying to determine why the honeybees [the only way we have to pollinate our crops] are dying.
if we don't take care of that problem hunger will get much, much worse.
but, McSame is apparently still running for President.

of course, they wouldn't have gotten the bill to fail. so, they were safe. the bill passes, gov't doesn't shut down and they get to sound off about it.

politics as usual.

an average patriot said...

I know, it makes you sick! It is as if they purposely screw him up to say see we told you he was a failure. The scum will do anything to get back in power. God help us!

two crows said...

hi Jim--
and today I read where Gerson of the WaPo said that Obama has signed into law the ability of science to "create life solely to destroy it in the name of research."

It really should be illegal to lie to the people in a national [or any] newspaper. to spout your opinion is one thing -- to tell blatant lies is another.

I truly don't know if denying op-ed writers the right to lie is the same as protecting the free press or not. It seems to me it isn't -- but, maybe I'm wrong.

shouting 'Fire!' in a crowded theater is illegal because it puts lives in danger.
couldn't lying about what our country is doing put lives in danger, too? what if someone used that lie as an excuse to bomb an abortion clinic in the middle of the day?

PoliShifter said...

It's starting to make me vomit when in the same news segment they go from saying Obama is "taking on too much" to "he's not doing enough" without even breaking a smile or laughing out loud.

It also makes me vomit when Republicans start declaring the "stimulus failed" already "cause Nancy Pelosi says there'll be another one".

Fortunately at least so far the American People arent falling for the childish political stunts.

libhom said...

Your post does a good job of articulating the views of Obama good that it's inspired me to start work on a post on my blog on why Obama needs to do much more from a liberal/progressive perspective.

two crows said...

yeah Poli--
it blows me away that they can say both those things during the same segment of their broadcast and act as if they've not just contradicted themselves.


two crows said...

hi, libhom--
actually, this piece is about the propaganda machine, not about Obama himself.

I agree that more-- in fact, much more --needs to be done.
I'm glad Congress is preparing another stimulus package to be ready 'in case we need it.' my guess is, it _will_ be needed.

If we read our history, FDR had to just keep throwing money at the problem over and over again. I'll bet this administration will, too.
But he kept being too timid.
What finally really restored the economy was when WWII began and the Republicans finally got out of his way and let him spend the necessary money.
They do love a good war.

So, no, I'm not an 'Obama uber alles' kinda person. I just get sick to death of the MSM bashing him when he's been in office for two months.
And when they kept their lips buttoned about Bush until it was WAY too late to keep this mess from happening.

Not to mention the torture issues.
Or the education issues.
Or Katrina.
Or the shredding of the Constitution.
And on. And on.

I wish the MSM would treat Obama like they did Bush. But it will never happen.

an average patriot said...

It really pisses me off! That is their biased interpretation stretching the truth to get what they want. I am so sick of it!

two crows said...

hi again, Jim--
yep. When I read the lies -- well, like I say -- I want to vomit.

what still blows me away is how they just keep on lying -- even after they've been found out -- they just do it again.

like Michelle Bachmann accusing her opponent of being an atheist. doing a voice-over that suggested that she had said so herself. and, after it came out that her opponent was a sunday-school teacher, Michelle turned around and urged the country to rise up in rebellion if Obama won.

and THESE people want the majority back?
what amazes me is that Bachmann is still in office.

an average patriot said...

Did you hear the spew coming from Cheney saying Obama is wrecking and endangering us. I am so sick of his friggen fear mongering!

two crows said...

yeah, Jim, I saw that.
Cheney is deeply evil. there's no other word for him.
and I don't even BELIEVE in evil. but I make an exception in his case.