March 9, 2009

A Letter to the Traitors

Frank Schaeffer is the author of CRAZY FOR GOD-How I Grew Up As One Of The Elect, Helped Found The Religious Right, And Lived To Take All (Or Almost All) Of It Back.
He wrote an open letter to the Republicans. Of course the fact that he published it in The Huffington Post assures that they won't read it. Still, we can.
Dear Republican Leaders:
The Republican Party has become the party dedicated to sabotaging the American future....

You ... are the arsonists who burned down our national home. You combined the failed ideologies of the Religious Right, so-called free market deregulation and the Neoconservative love of war to light a fire that has consumed America. Now you have the nerve to criticize the "architect" America just hired -- President Obama -- to rebuild from the ashes. You do nothing constructive, just try to hinder the one person willing and able to fix the mess you created.


an average patriot said...

He is right! They destroyed our America to build their version and do not want Obama to succeed in wiping theirs out and rebuilding ours. It is what they will go to to achieve that is what concerns me!

two crows said...

right on, Jim--
they've shown what they'll stoop to -- as in the 6 years of torment Starr gave Clinton looking for something -- anything -- to hang on him. it's amazing Clinton got anything done.

I'm waiting for them to start in on Obama. they will, I'm sure.

an average patriot said...

Ken Starr I forget what he has his scummy hands in right now but he is still causing trouble.
I must say, It shows what it takes to be President watching Clinton still do a good job in the middle of all that. Personally I was pleasantly surprised he did not buckle!

two crows said...

hi, Jim--
Starr is currently in California trying to be sure proposition 8 is upheld and that all the gays who married before it was voted on are forced to dissolve their marriages.

you called it: he's scum.

I just hope CA's supreme court stands up against him and for what is right in this case. last I heard, they seemed to be leaning toward upholding prop 8.

an average patriot said...

I hope Starr fails on this one! I get really upset hearing Starr praised for being so good. I wouldn't mind if he used it for good!

two crows said...

hi Jim--
where have you heard Starr praised?

luckily, I've missed that one -- so I also missed vomiting into my own mouth.

an average patriot said...

Ity must have been cnn or csnbc. They were saying how clever and astute he is. I have other words for it!

honeyducote said...

I don't understand your traitor label. This country cannot have a 1 party system, which seems to be a consistent theme in dem blogs. A convenient knowledge of history is so prevalent on this website that the arguments are meaningless bitch fest.
This is an honest question to all of you. Did you really want a country run by lobbyist? Because from what I can tell Obama can only stammers and stutters until his staff tells him what to say.