June 21, 2009

And We Should Care Why?

I picked this up on All Voices:
US census to count gay and lesbian married couples
By: jonnalagadda3
Washington: The Census Bureau of the USA will recognize married couple of the same sex in the 2010 census.
Same sex couples could not get married in US during the last census. Last y[e]ar, two states approved same sex marriages, and now it became imperative they be taken for head count for statistical purposes. This count will also help arriving at a data of homosexuals, gays and lesbians who are legally married. This would also help the state plan their welfare. President Barack Obama has recently signed a memorandum giving the same rights and facilities to those employees who are married to same sex, on par with other government employees [sic]. Steve Jost, a spokesman of the Census Bureau sa[i]d same sex couples ought to report themselves for the count. He said after the 2010 census, the country will have good data on which to discuss the same sex phenomena emerging in the country.
Well, the government is counting married gays. So what? It's still perceiving them as second class citizens.
They can't serve in the military unless they lie about who they are.
Obama's Justice Department just compared their marriages to incest and the marrying of children.

Maybe the census will count each of them as 3/5 of a person?


LeftLeaningLady said...

I can't even type the "or" I am thinking about, because it is too hideous.

Part of me thinks this is another step in equality for homosexuals. The other part thinks it is a government trick that allows Big Brother to watch them.

It makes me sad that I am so cynical.

two crows said...

Sadly, LLL, I had the same thought. Are they being counted any differently than the rest of us? If so, why?